Adopting Procedures

If you would like to adopt a rescue dog or cat please go to the application forms page and download the relevant form. But before you do, please make sure that you have read our procedures.

Application Forms

Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource Group Inc is a community fostercare network. All our dogs are in foster care at various locations usually in Melbourne, sometimes in the Victorian country, or in commercial kennels waiting for a foster carer. We do not operate a shelter.

Each of our dogs is special to us, and their welfare is of the utmost importance. Our adoption procedures are extensive because we aim to match dogs with adopters, and place dogs in their 'forever' homes. Different dogs have different requirements, and we carefully assess the nature, temperament and requirements of each individual dog. We do not simply rehome our dogs to the first person that applies. Rather, we place our dogs in the home that is most suitable for the dog. Our dogs remain in foster care until this suitable home is found, however long it takes.

The application must be returned to us online. If you are an appropriate applicant for the dog you have nominated, we will telephone you to talk further about your requirements. We also contact the foster carer for their comments, and if the dog appears a good match for you, we will arrange a no obligation ‘meet and greet’. We also complete a property check to make sure all is safe and secure. We will only rehome dogs where fencing is secure or there is a contained area for the dog.

If we do not believe you will provide the most appropriate home for the dog we will not rehome the dog to you. Our decision is final and we will not discuss further. When applying for a dog please consider the dog’s requirements, not just your own. Above all our priority is to place our dogs in the most appropriate home for them.

The fee for our dogs is $580. We have the same fee for all our dogs, because we believe that each of our dogs, whether a puppy, a senior, a troubled teenager, or like most a completely lovable normal dog, has the same value. This fee is put towards vet work and associated costs for all our dogs. Our greatest expense is veterinary work, and several of our dogs have required costly major operations. This adoption fee is not negotiable. All money received by us, whether in donations or fees, is used for the benefit of our animals.

We also offer a six-week full refund period and the services of a behaviouralist/trainer free of charge for that period. These may be extended in special circumstances. We also offer a take back or assist to rehome policy for the lifetime of the animal which includes a 50 per cent refund of the adoption fee. Adopters are welcome to telephone us for advice at any time. Our purpose is to ensure the dog you have adopted has a safe and happy home for the remainder of their life. And of course there is our Christmas Party to which we ask all adopters and their dogs.

Please note we do not rehome to any person interstate or under 25 years of age.

Note that we are not in a position to hold dogs for you. Please do not apply for a dog until you are in a position to adopt that dog. We expect the dog to go to their new home within 7 days of the successful meet and greet.

For further information on adopting a dog or cat from us, please view our Adoption FAQ:

Adoption FAQ

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees must be paid to this account:
Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc
Westpac 033047 543361

Please Remember

... that we are a not-for-profit organisation staffed entirely by volunteers. The best way to contact us is via email: If we have not acknowledged your application within three days, please send us a reminder.

Thank you for your understanding.