In Memoriam

  • Bondi


    To our beloved Bondi
    Words cannot describe how we felt when we first saw you at your foster carers home. We saw this beautiful, sandy coloured Pomeranian x Chihuahua…hence your name Bondi...

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  • Gypsy Rose

    Gypsy Rose

    This little girl came to us from Mildura Pound with the name Precious...

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  • Jiggy Pickersgill

    Jiggy Pickersgill

    Fly free little girl...

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  • Lucky


    Today our beautiful rescue foster dog Lucky passed over the Rainbow Mountain to be reunited with his brother Jack who left us in May 2018. Our hearts are broken and our house feels cold and empty...

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  • Oonagh


    Oonagh touched my heart in a big way. She was a sad soul to start but I gave her love & support and good health. She helped me through my loss...

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  • Lily Occleshaw

    Lily Occleshaw

    We adopted Lily because when we met her all the family fell in love with her. When we arrived at her foster mum's house, Lily was the first dog to say hello and she licked our hands, all of us melted in love. What a special and unforgettable moment! My three daughters, my husband, my parents and my other dog fell in love with Lily immediately...

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  • Oggie


    Oggie called Ogden by us came from Northern Grampians Pound. He was such a lovely boy and when we foster cared him we most remember the lovely little grunting sounds he made and his determination...

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  • Charlie


    Our Beautiful Charlie went dancing over the rainbow bridge (chasing many many tennis balls we believe!) 6 months ago this week...

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  • Teddy


    As many people likely know, a week ago I said goodbye to my most special friend. While he was my absolute best mate for a decade, I know Teddy also captured the hearts of so many others...

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  • Franya


    Dearest Franya, You deserved more than what you got in this life. When we picked you up, you were a shaking, quivering, broken girl. You did not like being kissed, or picked up, or held at all. We wondered what had happened to you. But you were also resilient and brave, and tried your absolute best to adjust...

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in our hearts forever

Here we remember and pay tribute to our rescue dogs and cats that have left us for the Rainbow Bridge.