Effie & Abby Van der Velden - are in their new home

Breed: Female Jack Russell Terrier

Age/DOB: Effie 4/6/08, Abby 25/5/14
Weight: Effie 4.6 kgs, Abby 8.6 kgs

  • Effie and Abby, Female Jack Russell Terrier
  • Effie and Abby, Female Jack Russell Terrier
  • Effie, Female Jack Russell Terrier
  • Effie, Female Jack Russell Terrier
  • Abby, Female Jack Russell Terrier
  • Abby, Female Jack Russell Terrier

Abby and Effie are such a cute pair. When their person died they were at risk of being pts but they are now safe.

Abby looks huge next to Effie but she is only 8.5 kgs and Effie is 4.5 kgs. Effie is an older girl who is a bit of a stresshead. She is not concerned by other dogs but does love to be home and can get stressed out walking. It works well when she is carried for part of the walk while Abby enjoys the time spent exploring.

Abby adores people and her walks but is wary when meeting dogs. She jumps sky high if a dog barks from behind a fence but that doesn’t deter her. She also plays ball and is happy to return the ball to you.

These girls are so tentative about some things while loving life in other ways. For example they will get a fright if the toy they are playing with squeaks.

Abby loves cuddles but doesn’t like to sit on your lap. She is more confident and loves the car. Little Effie loves nothing more than snuggling into your lap She needs to be lifted into the car but is very worried and doesn’t relax. Such a little stresshead. Both seem fine to be left alone at home together.

Abby LOVES her food and has a tummy that can’t be filled. She eats her meal quickly and can be a little too snatchy with food treats but we are working on this. Perhaps not many treats have come their way before. They are both very quick to charge through an open door and we are working on encouraging them to stand back.

They will need access to a dog door as they find it hard to hold on all night without a toilet break. They would most likely be fine with a small quiet dog to live with although as a bonded pair the third dog may get left out.

These girls are lots of fun and would love a kind home with a retired couple around most of the time who can give them cuddles, and show them the joys of life. A lap or two for Effie. A warm comfy bed for Abby. And four adoring eyes will be watching you.

Location Frankston

Microchip Number: Effie 956000010220255, Abby 956000010217431
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Effie Health: Left patella previously operated on, some arthritis. Right patella Grade 2/4. Dental completed – not many teeth left.

AbbyDental: 13 teeth now missing Ears flushed: on meds for ears

Adoption Fee: $950

Effie & Abby Van der Velden has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.